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I’ve been blogging for several months now and I’m glad to have recieved the feedback I have.  I’ve enjoyed the experince and for that reason I’ve decided to take blogging to another level.  I’ll be self hosting my blog and that means you’ll see a lot more creativity in the design, functionality and layout of the new blog.

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Self propelled Motorcycle (Bike)

I don’t know what these people are saying but we need to go over to Germany and figure out how they are using their brains and common sense!  I totally understand why my friend goes over to Germany to work on “Green Deals.”

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Greenpeace and I

Greenpeace CanadaI signed up with Greenpeace  about 4-5 years ago.   This was around the time my conscience woke up, and asked me what I was doing and thinking!  When it comes to sustainable issues, I’m always reminded by the saying, if your not apart of the solution your apart  of the problem.  Since then I’ve made personal leaps and bounds in reducing my carbon footprint and my ecological impact on our planet.  I’m not just talking about driving less or recycling, I’ve devoted the past two years working for an community economic development organization and have tried to influence those closest to me, the ones who share my visions on life and my passions.   I have a long ways to go, but I can tell you the satisfaction I feel today compared to yesterday is amazing.  I hope  this blog or some of my thoughts help someone taking things to the next level to begin their contribution in bring positive change.  I just wanted to take a second and acknowlege all the members for Greenpeace and other organizations that are making a positive impact and inspiring individuals like myself.

I was born in Vancouver, it truely is one of the most beacutiful places on earth.  It inspired me when i first heard that Greenpeace was founded in this great city by some great people wanting to make change.

Here’s a quick history of Greenpeace: In 1971, a handful of concerned individuals set sail from Vancouver in a hired fishing boat for the US atomic test zone of Amchitka, Alaska to protest  nuclear weapons tests. This loose band of brave people called themselves Greenpeace, linking their concern for the environment with their desire to see a world unthreatened by nuclear war.

After Greenpeace’s inaugural action, the US abandoned its nuclear tests at Amchitka. Thirty-five years later, Greenpeace is a global environmental organization operating in more than 40 countries with over 2.8 million members around the world.

grenouille ours polaire nucléaire éolienne

A video Introducing Kumi Naidoo as new Greenpeace International Executive Director, I wish him luck in his new role.

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What is Google Wave?

Here’s the best video I found that expalins Google Wave.  I think this is a mos see video as it shows the future of email.

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The Cost of Green Revisited

been studying LEED (Leader in Energy & Environmental Design) Certification recently and came across this great article.   If your interested in Green Architecture or Green Construction this might interest you.

Authors: Lisa Fay Matthiessen / Peter Morris of Davis Langdon.

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Vancouver Tax Services Office

I find it difficult to get through to the Canada Revenue Agency when I need something.  The numbers below are for the Vancouver area and I always seem to get through quickly.

Office/mailing address:
1166 West Pender Street
Vancouver BC  V6E 3H8
Fax: 604-689-7536
Office hours:
8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Service by appointment only
To book an appointment call:
1-800-959-8281 for individuals or
1-800-959-5525 for business and self-employed
1-800-665-0354 TTY (Teletypewriter)

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The Case for Seperated Bike Lanes – NYC

We’ve seen the painted bike lanes and we’ve seen how ineffective they are as well.   motorists use them a parking and loading zones.  The idea behind this video is to just make it safer by putting a space between cars and bikes.

What the streets should look like: Side Walk, Bike Lane a barricade or green space Car Parking & Then the Road.

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Millennium Pedestrian Bridge – London

London jumped ahead as a sustainably commuting city when they built the Millennium Bridge in 1999-2000. The bridge is located in the ‘A list’ of London attractions, the bridge is a 330m steel bridge linking the City of London at St. Paul’s Cathedral with the Tate Modern Gallery at Bankside.

London, England: Millennium ('Wobbly') Bridge (1998-2002, Norman Foster and Partners and Arup Associates)

Millennium Bridge at night, looking at St Pauls from the south bank, London 2003

The twin ramps at the south end of the bridge!

One of the tapering elliptical piers under construction, Millennium Bridge, London

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Commuting and Life Satisfaction

happiness and commuting time to work

Commuting time and average reported satisfaction with life, Germany 1985–1998

I thought this graph would just speak for itself. This was research done fromt he eighties and ninties…

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Where does Aid Go?

If you believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, this interactive aid map is for you

  • Poverty
  • Risk
  • Military Expenditure
  • South Africa Integration
  • Child Rights Risk
  • Conflict & Political Violence
  • Emerging Powers Integration
  • Hunger
  • India Integration
  • Political Risk
  • Displacement
  • Hydro-Meteorological Disaster
  • Natural Disaster
  • CO2 Emissions from land-use
  • Natural Disaster Economic Losses
  • Energy Securty Risk

South Africa integrationEmerging powers integrationIndia integrationFiscal riskPovertyChild rights riskDisplacementHungerMilitary expenditurePolitical risk 2007Conflict and political violence riskHydro-meteorological disastersNatural disastersCO2 emissions from land useNatural disaster economic lossesEnergy security risk

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