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Greenpeace and I

Greenpeace CanadaI signed up with Greenpeace  about 4-5 years ago.   This was around the time my conscience woke up, and asked me what I was doing and thinking!  When it comes to sustainable issues, I’m always reminded by the saying, if your not apart of the solution your apart  of the problem.  Since then I’ve made personal leaps and bounds in reducing my carbon footprint and my ecological impact on our planet.  I’m not just talking about driving less or recycling, I’ve devoted the past two years working for an community economic development organization and have tried to influence those closest to me, the ones who share my visions on life and my passions.   I have a long ways to go, but I can tell you the satisfaction I feel today compared to yesterday is amazing.  I hope  this blog or some of my thoughts help someone taking things to the next level to begin their contribution in bring positive change.  I just wanted to take a second and acknowlege all the members for Greenpeace and other organizations that are making a positive impact and inspiring individuals like myself.

I was born in Vancouver, it truely is one of the most beacutiful places on earth.  It inspired me when i first heard that Greenpeace was founded in this great city by some great people wanting to make change.

Here’s a quick history of Greenpeace: In 1971, a handful of concerned individuals set sail from Vancouver in a hired fishing boat for the US atomic test zone of Amchitka, Alaska to protest  nuclear weapons tests. This loose band of brave people called themselves Greenpeace, linking their concern for the environment with their desire to see a world unthreatened by nuclear war.

After Greenpeace’s inaugural action, the US abandoned its nuclear tests at Amchitka. Thirty-five years later, Greenpeace is a global environmental organization operating in more than 40 countries with over 2.8 million members around the world.

grenouille ours polaire nucléaire éolienne

A video Introducing Kumi Naidoo as new Greenpeace International Executive Director, I wish him luck in his new role.

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