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Son of Five Rivers First Blog Post!

So… Its’ officially here, I’m finally in the blogosphere!

I struggled with what would be the first official blog post. I thought it should be prolific and grand in nature, broad in scope! All that thought did, was make me struggle a little more… How would I start this blog, this chapter?

Finally I’ve come to the simple realization; I should just cover the basics and hit two birds with one stone.  Do a quick intro about this blog and let it serve as an example for someone who is thinking about starting a blog (personal or organizational).

What I usually want to know | My quick Answers

3) What’s your topic? (Business & Sustainability)

1) Who are you? (Read on…)

2) Why you Blogging? (I believe in sharing, open source mentality, copy left principal)

4) Can I get in touch with you and/or leave a comment? (Short answer: Yes)

– This is a snapshot, I’ll go into more detail in the next posts.

I don’t have any unrealistic expectation for this blog; I simply wish that someone or some group will find some of the resources and/or people valuable in their journey towards more sustainable lives and businesses.

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”      ~Winston Churchill

Here we go… welcome & enjoy!

5 Rivers


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