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Great Deal on Business Cards

The company is Juke Box Print Shop, They offer a killer deal where you get 1250 Full Color 2 sided business cards for $99.00 Canadian.  Plus Free shipping to anywhere in Canada. (I hope everyone can learn from this example, even if they break even at the end of it.  Imagine how many people have refered these folks or ordered their products.

Another piece of advice since I’m giving it… Never use Vista Print, which offers free business cards.  how they work is they put their  logo and website on the back of your card and charge you an arm and a leg in shipping and handling.   So my advice is if you can’t afford the extra $10 on  business cards, don’t start a business!  Go back to work for someone else…


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Business Card Brochure – Get your message out!

Mage your Business Card  fold and became a Business Card Brochure! Its simple magic that can convert into more sales.

We don’t always get enough time to get the message of what we do… We sometimes we leave people with just the contact information hoping they’ll end up on our organizations website or call.  But what if we can leave them with more information?

We spent enough time in Marketing to learn that we need to bring in sales.   Transform your Business Card into a Brochure!  Now you have 4 sides to be creative and artistic but also more room to get across what your business does!

Instead of the standard 2 by 3 1/2 inch business card design, the brochure business card is 4 by 3 1/2 inches, which is folded over once so that your business card is still the standard looking business card and it still fits into a business card holder.

Have a look at some of these samples to get ideas!  Start thinking Sales, not just marketing…

Sample of a brochure business card.Serving the area since 1991

  • screened and trained staff
  • bonded, insured, WCB certified

We do:

  • move in/move out cleaning
  • post-construction cleaning
  • property Management cleaning
  • annual Spring/ Fall cleaning
  • getting your home realtor-ready
  • We’ve cleaned over 50,000 homes!
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and one-time cleaning
  • All supplies and equipment provided

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