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A Venture Capitlist Business Plan!

1)       Make Meaning

  1. Increase the quality of life
  2. Right a wrong
  3. Prevent the end of something good

2)       Make a Mantra

  1. Not Mission Statements: (For Employees & Organization)
    1. i.      Fed Ex: Peace of Mind
    2. ii.      Wendy’s: Healthy Fast Food
    3. iii.      Nike: Authentic Athletic Performance
  2. $25’000 Mission Statement
    1. i.      We exists to professional build long term high-impact sources so that we may endeavor to synergistically leverage existing effective deliverables to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world.

3)       Get Going!

  1. Think Different
    1. i.      Don’t do better sameness
    2. ii.      Don’t be 10-15% better… be 10-15 times better!
  2. Polarize People
    1. i.      Mac, Net Flicks, TiVo, Harley Davidson
  3. Find a few soul mates
    1. i.      You need people to balance you off: Great Engineer, you need a marketer.  Youthful and gung ho, you need a senior to keep you grounded!

4)       Define a Business Model

  1. Be Specific
    1. i.      Who is my customer, and how do I get my money out of her purse!
  2. Keep it Simple (Cost $1, Sells for $5): Innovate on Technology, products & services (Not on Business Models)
  3. Ask women! Because we men are savages! We talk about killing the competitor, dominating the market! etc. etc.

5)       Weave a MAT (Milestones, Assumptions, Tasks)

  1. Come up a Hand Full of Milestones
  2. How many sales call per day, how much ROI, How much to install our Software or Product
    1. i.      Very few start ups write them down, and test them.
  3. Do task: They help you accomplish a Milestone or Test an Assumption.

6)       Niche Theyself (Holy Grail of Marketeering) “$100K MBA”

A Real Business Plan, A Real VC Pitch!


7)       Follow the 10/20/30 Rule

  1. 10 Slides in your Power Point
    1. i.      Title
    2. ii.      Problem
    3. iii.      Solution
    4. iv.      Business Model
    5. v.      Underlying Magic
    6. vi.      Marketing & Sales
    7. vii.      Competition
    8. viii.      Team
    9. ix.      Projections
    10. x.      Status & Timeline
  2. 20 Minutes
  3. 30 Points Font minimum.
    1. i.      Algorithm: Find the oldest person in the room and divide there age by 2.

8)       Hire Infected People

  1. Hire people with work experience, eduction but love your product!
    1. i.      Ignore the irrelevant
    2. ii.      Hire better then yourself! You’re “A” hire “A+”
    3. iii.      Apply the Shopping Center Test (Once you see that person, you should have the feeling you want to walk over to them!)

9)       Lower the Barriers to Adoption:

  1. Flatten the Learning Curve
  2. Don’t ask people to do something that you wouldn’t do.
  3. Embrace your “evangelist” (The person bring the good news)

10)   Seed the Clouds (Rainmaking & Sales)

  1. Let a hundred Flowers Blossom (Let the wrong people use and buy your products: Not your demographic)
  2. Enable Test Drives (Tell people there smart and let them give you feedback and use your product)
  3. Find the Influencer not the CMO/CXO People (Tech Support, Receptionist, Anaylsts)

11)   Don’t let the Bozos grind you down

  1. We don’t need another search engine!  Thank god, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founders of Google didn’t listen…

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