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The First State Dinner: President Obama Welcomes Dr. Manmohan Singh of India

This is truly an amazing picture and moment in time.

A Black President of the United States of America and a Sikh as the Prime Minster of the Republic of India.  Two of the most highly capable and intellectual minds of our time recognized purely on substance.

In honor of the arrival of His Excellency Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of the Republic of India, and his wife, Mrs. Gursharan Kaur, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will held the first official State Dinner of the Presidency. The event was a celebration of President Obama’s deep respect for India and its people, setting the tone for a long-lasting relationship between the nations.

President Obama spoke of the enduring bonds shared by the US and India, and looked forward to continued cooperation rooted in strong democratic values:

And as the world’s largest democracies, we can keep faith with our common values — speaking out and standing up for the rights and dignity to which all human beings are entitled; and
showing that nations that respect the rights and aspirations of their people are ultimately more stable, more secure and more successful.

This is the India that America welcomes today — a leader in Asia and around the world.  (Applause.)  These are the challenges we are summoned to meet in partnership.  This is the progress that is possible — today and in the days and years ahead.

And, Mr. Prime Minister, as we build our common future, we can draw strength from our shared past.  For it was exactly 60 years ago, in a ceremony not unlike this, that an American president welcomed to the White House the first prime minister of an independent India.  And while the decades that followed were not without their challenges, the spirit of that first visit is with us today — the same sense of possibility, the same hope for the future.

For those Fashion lovers, Michelle Obama’s dress was designed by Indian-American designer Naeem Khan


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The White House going Open Source

White House announced via the Associated Press that is now running on Drupal, the open source content management system. That Drupal implementation is in turn running on a Red Hat Linux system with Apache, MySQL and the rest of theLAMP stackApache Solr is the new White House search engine.  This move is huge win for open source movement and to bridge the digital divide amongst all of us who can benifit from technology.

This is one step forward for all the people of the world.  If government can adopt open source technologies and web 2.0 it would truly make a more democratic society.

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Self propelled Motorcycle (Bike)

I don’t know what these people are saying but we need to go over to Germany and figure out how they are using their brains and common sense!  I totally understand why my friend goes over to Germany to work on “Green Deals.”

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iPhone App that Drivers your Car!

I remember seeing this in a James Bond Film years ago…  Where Pierce Brosnan was driving his BMW with his PDA.

This is probably is one of the coolest iPhone apps out there, the German-made ‘Spirit of Berlin’ driverless car app is well suited for secret agents.

Computer scientists recently developed the Spirit of Berlin smartphone app which gives user the ability to control a vehicle using an on-screen steering wheel, brake and accelerator. The projects director Professor Raúl Rojas envisions a future where taxis are piloted by unseen drivers.

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Now have a look at the You Tube clip.


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