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RFID The Future of Technology

Looks amazing doesn’t it?  The problem is RFID may begin to take away whatever anonymity we have and is in complete violation of our privacy rights.

For business its great, you can track just about everything and its going to transform the supply chain of every multi-national corporation.  They will have an abundance of fantastic information to analyze.

My problem is what happens when we start tracking people. President Bush stated the use of  RFID would help in tracking people who enter America on temporary work visas and don’t leave.   Now image how this could be abused when this same technology will go into our new drivers licenses and passports.

Entrepreneurs may take this to the extreme and develop “radio-opaque” sleeves to protect whatever anonymity they think we should be entitled to have.   Even this won’t do much for us, because imagine if phones (iphone for example), our credit cards, debit cards, SIN Cards, Health Cards, Gift Cards and even our money was tagged!

Perhaps it could be great to help against the trafficking of drugs  if every single dollar note were traceable.  And perhaps if it is taken to a public referendum where the propaganda will be its a fight on terror and drugs.   Majority of the people will let this go because of the simple mentality “I don’t have anything to hide.”  Too bad the main lobbyist behind RFID technology are big corporations.  In 1999 Proctor and Gamble, Gillette & MIT partnered together with the objective to try to track every item ever produced and shipped in the world.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 10 years with this technology.  Imagine how much smaller these chips will get! I’ve read forums where they are discussing RFID is the size of a grain of sand.

Enjoy the videos below! You may have seen the IBM commercials a few years ago.  Also there is a good book called “Spy Chips” by Katherine Albercht, great read!

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