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Email to SMS (Text)

I put this list together myself, if it doesn’t work for the network your on just leave a comment with the correct link.


United States

T-Mobile             [10digitnumber]
Virgin                  [10digitnumber]
Cingular              [10digitnumber]
Sprint                   [10digitnumber]
Verizon               [10digitnumber]
Nextel                [10digitnumber]


Bell                        [10digitnumber]
Rogers                 [10digitnumber]
Fido                      [10digitnumber]
Telus                    [10digitnumber]
Virgin                  [10digitnumber] (Virgin Mobile)
PC Mobile          [10digitnumber] (PC Mobile)
Koodo                 [10digitnumber]
Sasktel                [10digitnumber]

I’m sure your typical SMS/ Text fees apply to the reciever.

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