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The Great Firewall of China (India is No Better!)

These countries are great at repressing news!  And as people and as business employees and operators we need the facts of life!  Reports call it The Great Firewall because any media these countries want to ban they just turn on their firewall.

Only problem is that Social Media is changing the landscape. .. and shifting the balance of power!

These Countries run on these set of Observations to prevent news from leaking.

  • Mostly Comes from the Outside Worlds
  • Media is produced by Professionals
  • Sparse Chunks (thinly scattered or distributed)
  • Comes in Slowly

Now Twitter, Facebook and the rest are changing this.  We know things as they are happening by following Hash’s and other Feeds.  These countries are having problems stopping it because of these reasons:

  • New is produced locally (Smart Phones, iPhones, Blackberry Videos etc.)
  • It’s done my Amateurs (You and Me, anyone who has a camera or phone)
  • There is always a huge abundance of information (Thousands of Feeds: Iran Elections for example)
  • It’s Quick!  Seconds…

The people don’t win yet.  China just shut down Twitter for several days during the anniversary of Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 culminating in the Tiananmen Square massacre.

I hope the day comes when the People of India and China can simply convey there true thoughts to their elected officials like Americans now can.
The Audience can talk back and they can talk to each other.  People and organizations have to change in the way they communicate.

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