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Facebook Fan Page Vs. Facebook Group

Consider Facebook in your Stratigic SEO planning.(Search Engine Optimization: aka Google ranking)

Here’s the 411 of a Fan Page vs a Group.  Whatever you decide I would suggest you try to stick to only one as having both not only may confuse people but it will dilute your organizations presence of Facebook.

The Basics:

Facebook Fan Pages are promote a business, a brand,  a shop, etc.

Facebook Groups are to promote a common interest.

(The Tools are different: Read and choose what’s best for you.  For example I would suggest a Fan Page for a Small Business, and a Group for a Club/ Organization that shares a common interest because its more collaborative)

Facebook Fan Pages are great, their biggest drawback is your limited ability to communicate with your Fans. The messages you send through your FB Page is delivered into your Fans’ Update Box rather than the FB Inbox. On FB Pages you have more Tools like targeted Message sending (you can filter by age, sex, country, etc. to who you want to send the message to) then the options for stats and even promotion of the page using ads. It gives a good reason for someone to come and use their ad platform.

The side is people are more aware of groups than fan pages (they think fan pages are for huge Corporate Brands, Celebrities, and not something local.   Again the bit about notifications for the fan page isn’t as likely to get engagement as a message in an inbox.

Facebook Groups have links to related groups, which I think is a great tool. It has the potential to pull in people with a common interest, which is highly useful when you’re trying to promote, say, a blog or product. FB Groups allow you to have group structure with group officers and admins and stuff, in order to regulate and facilitate discussion.  You can add other additions like photos / videos and stuff are just part of the package to fill it up and make it look big.  Facebook now also alows indexing of discussions with groups that are available globally within Facebook (no restriction or closed groups).  Another positive is if you are an admin / officer, you can select certain peopel from your friend list join a group, ones who may like that topic.

Negative for groups: Once a group gets to a certain size you will be unable to message all members of it.

Another possible option is get a group out there, grow it, then when it gets a to a decent size convert it to a Fan Page.  (You can find the process on the Facebook FAQ)

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