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Culture of Business

If people don’t like you, you won’t be successful in business!

Even if you are a person with the almighty go getter attitude and have an abundance of intelligence, if your not liked you wont’ be successful.  Your putting up walls and not providing the nourishment your soul will need at some point.

Be someone who be haves proper, who’s non judgmental, respectful, objective and not critical.

You don’t have to be an Einstein or a Genius to be Successful

We’ve all met people and said, how in the world has he made that much money, or how is he better off the men.   The reality is being Nice and having Perseverance can take you to the top.

Almost No Successful Business People are Happy!

If your a person who considers having lots of money as being successful.  The types of  successful people are DRIVEN until they die.  Very focused on making making money.  Very few have  real friends, but they can have more money then most people can contemplate.

When you succeed, everyone is your friend.

How many of those people will be your “friends” after you sell your business and are sitting at home on your deck sipping on lemonade? (I gave a best case example)

Take more Risk in your Personal Life

Make sure you focus on your personal life… work life balance is so important for executives, manager and business owners.  Make money isn’t so important!  Think about it 99.9% of the things that have lived on this earth are no longer here today! Remember that!

Make a small and simple commitment to your family.  Start with spending 5-10 minutes with each member every day, asking how there day went, or ensuring your always home for dinner with your family.

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