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Be Inspired:14 Year Old Powers his own Home!

Let me introduce you to William Kamkwamba who, despite having no formal education or training, recently engineered and built a windmill to power his house.

After having to drop out of school due to lack of funds, William Kamkwamba decided to learn as much as he could from books that had been donated to his primary school’s library. One of the books detailed how to build a windmill that generated enough electricity.

With much trial and error, some local materials, and an investment of about 16 dollars, William constructed a windmill that could generate enough energy for 4 light bulbs and two radios.  While a few bulbs might sound insignificant to us… the difference changed William’s family’s life entirely. Instead of using expensive paraffin candles, which produce smoke and irritate the eyes, William and his family now use the energy generated by the wind to light up their house. He even went as far to hook up a car battery to use as a backup in case of a non-windy day.

He’s accepting donations to on his website to help pay for his education and he also wants to develop a windmill  to generate enough power to irrigate his village.  This is a very inspiring story!

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