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A Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books

So I cam across this book about 4-5 years ago and it just captivated me.   Sikhs and Jews have a lot in common and this story tells a tall tale.   Click on the Video Link to know what I mean.

The Book: Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of a Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books

Product Details

Author: Aaron Lansky

The Website:


So why I am I curious about Yeddish Books?

My Dad and I have been talking about these particular issues for about 5 years and finally I took a baby step and spent part of my new years eve volunteering with an amazing and inspiring group of people from my book club.   We spent time showing youth and the sikh community at large a new website that was launched to perserve Sikh litrature and history.  The project is called the Panjab Digital Library (

This particular demo was held at a sikh temple (Gurdwara) in Surrey,  I decided to bow out of my volunteer obligations a little early as I wanted to spend the new year  with my family who were at Gurdwara closer to home.


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How Google Makes Money

So my sister asked me how does Google make money? Most of us know it has a something to do with advertising, and Hal Varian Google s Chief Economists demonstrates exactly how the process works by demonstrating the AdWords Ad Auction and how your max CPC bid and quality score determine how much you pay for a click on

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Michael Tiger: Code of Conduct

I thought I would take the initiative and start drafting an initial code of conduct so one of the groups I’m involved with can can continue to grow and inspire people in a more structure environment.   So I randomly came across this video and I it was worth sharing.  Whoever created them seems like a very gifted and social conscience person. I hope you enjoy.

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How to Insert a Vimeo Video into WordPress

Visit Vimeo and find a video you would like to insert. Copy the URL or video ID from your web browser’s address bar while viewing the video.

Insert the shortcode into a new post or page using one of the following formats. Make sure to replace the URL or ID with the one you are using.



[vimeo 240975]

The default width and height of the embeded video is 400×300.

Additionally you can specify the width and height, ex:

[vimeo w=500&h=400]

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What is Cloud Computing?

This is great general knowledge for all businesses and NGO’s.  Plus I believe this is this where the industry is going.

Enjoy this short clip, its a little geeky but informative.

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Stop throwing your junk in the Ocean

Its said that Sting Rays eat anything… well have a look at this….

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Pranav Mistry and the Sixth Sense

If you have not heard about Pranav Mistry and the Sixth Sense, you are truly missing out on what the future holds for us.  Please take the time to watch the clips you will not be disappointed.

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Internet Marketing – Vidoes

For those of you who use Traffic Geyser:

As your primary source of online internet marketing ($97 a month) you can try the below links.  They are cheaper but remember they are not as good as Traffic Geyser.

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Break Through in Renewable Energy: VAWT

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

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The Second Economic Crash… Still coming?

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