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LEED-NC Study Resources

I came across this a fantastic blog that had some great study tips and resources to other LEED Study materials.   Check out some of the resources this fellow mentions.
  • – This was a blog by a guy named Pat who decided to just blog about his experience studying for the exam. The result is a site chock full of tips, tricks, cheat sheets, etc. that is all available free of charge. I would say this should be your first stop, and if you have any questions email him and not me…
  • – This site is setup to be a forum for people studying for the architectural registration exam, but they have a section devoted to LEED that is well trafficked. If you’re searching for a used reference guide or get stuck trying to find an answer to a practice question this is the place to go. You’ll even see my humble mug answering questions when I can… I also recommend taking a look at all the “brain dumps” you’ll see from people who just passed or failed the test (about a 50/50 split)…
  • Building Green Suite Practice Exam – I really like BGS, as can be evidenced by this post. They have written a free practice exam (see comments on the linked page for a few bugs), which I always recommend people taking before they take the real test. The level of detail necessary to pass can be an eye opener for many.

Here are some other sites I’ve found:

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