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What it feels like to be an Entrepreneur

I love this video, it just put a huge smile on my face… It perfectly describes what an Entrepreneur goes through from starting on an initial idea to finishing with a successful business.

Here’s ,my translation of the video:

Start-up (Initial 20 seconds): The idea phase, you don’t know if it will work let alone be successful. You possibly doubt yourself, but all you know is that it excites you!  You take the risk and dance with the idea… Even though you may look like a fool and your reputation is on the line… You think, oh well, I did the initial calculation on napkin… it should work!  I’m an entrepreneur!  I’m a visionary lol.   Plus didn’t someone say its not how many times you fall down, its about how many times you get up…

Development (One  minute into the video) You’re still doing what feels good. Its getting a bit tougher. You’ve got few friends and family that are  grooving with you and are showing their support, but they’re a not totally sure, but you appreciate that unconditional love and support.  You do doubt yourself for a moment, maybe I’m taking the wrong approach? I should have got a partner, someone who actually knows how to dance to this song, who has some experience… Then you just decide too keep going, because you’ve already come this far and it just feels so good. You’ve forgotten all the physical and mental wear and tear, and that you’ve had to work twice as long as you did before…  You have everything on that excel spread sheet, your ready to keep pushing your idea and take it to market.

The Dream(The next 30 seconds) All of a sudden, things start to speed-up.  The days of you counting what you’ve sold hoping to break even is long gone… You see strange new faces, smiling, dancing with your idea. They feel good, you feel good.  These people have names… and number reference numbers, job numbers or client numbers.   This is Tom, Dick & Harry! This is great

The Realization (One minute and 45 seconds onwards) The point that every entrepreneur lives for. The part where you’ve got people that truly believe in your idea, your vision! All those past  reservations you’ve had are starting to disappear.   A huge weight has just been lifted off your shoulders.   People want to be part of your movement.

The End You did what needed to be done… Your happy, you’ve proved things to yourself.  You’ve made some change in this world, but you also begin to realize that this isn’t your idea anymore, its bigger then that…  So you exit stage left… quietly and  humbly  thank those folks that helped you, all while saying to your self  “you did it!”  Now its time to move on… its time for another journey. This is what every entrepreneur lives for.

We can all make this happen… My hat goes off to the gentleman in the video…

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