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2 Things to get more Clients

Its seems simple enough but so many of us don’t do it.

1) Get Known

  • Start Marketing
  • Network (And its not about how many cards you hand out or collect, its about the connection you make)
  • Do all the little things… Website, Facebook Group, Blog, Business Cards, Signage

2) Ask for Referrals

  • This is so obvious but its not done as regularly as you would like
  • I would suggest putting a testomonials section on your wesbite
  • Run a FGAF program (Friend Get a Friend)
  • Survey Money is great, for feedback and keeps you in the customers mind well after they are no longer you customer.

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Instant Domain Name Search

Most business people have done their fair share of domain name searches.  You can say almost every wise business person starting a business checks to see if there companies domain is available, here’s a site that should save you some ime by instantly showing if the domain is available as your type in the letters of your desired URL.  Check it out, it will save you time compared to conventional WHO IS look-up.

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Collaborative Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is great when you need to get those ideas out of your head… I recently came across a Mind Meister where you can Mind Map collaboratively with others in real time.

Collaborative Mind Mapping

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