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Idea: Breakfast Franchise – Cora’s

BrunchPhoto of Cora TsouflidouChez Cora

So if I was going to choose a breakfast franchise to open, this would be the one I would run with.. I think this would pass iHop, De-dutch, Denny’s etc.

Here’s a a little article about Cora Tsouflidou from the CBC show Fortune Hunters:

Sometimes it’s more than a desire to make money that causes someone to open their own business — sometimes it’s out of necessity.

No one knows this better Cora Tsouflidou, the self-styled “Canadian Queen of Breakfast” and founder of the 100-location chain Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch.

Born in a small town on the Gaspe Peninsula, Cora grew up poor with dreams of becoming a writer. “I spent my whole youth studying to become a writer, that was my passion – I figured I would become a teacher and then jump into writing.”

After attending just two years of university, majoring in classical languages and literature, Cora met her future husband, got married and had three children and was happy as a housewife and mother.

But after 13 years of marriage, Cora’s husband left her with three young children, no money and no job.

“At 40 I found myself alone and I had to do something,” says Cora. “Studying I guess didn’t teach a trade to earn a living, so I sold the family house and opened a little snack bar. Not because I wanted to do a big breakfast chain, I didn’t even know about it, but I just needed to feed my kids and what I loved was cooking.”

Her first location wasn’t much – just a 29-seat snack bar, with Cora behind the grill. She quickly discovered that breakfast was the busiest time of day.

“Suddenly, we were the talk of the town,” she says. “Everyone was talking about the Cora breakfast.”

Cora began partnering with friends and family and opening locations throughout the Montreal area. Until a chance encounter put franchising on the menu. A woman approach Cora and asked for a franchise.

“‘Franchise, what is Franchise?’ I ask her,” recounts Cora. “And she say ‘I pay you money and I open a store and you show me what to do. Do you think there’s a Ronald McDonald in each McDonald store?”

From there, Cora quickly spread her Morning Glory through the province of Quebec and then on into Ontario and the rest of the country, extending her reign as Canada’s Queen of Breakfast, opening their hundredth store in January.

And as for her dream of becoming a writer? “A few years ago a publisher asked me to write a book. This is my message: if you believe it, you can achieve it.”


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