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Pushing the Limits with Viral Marketing! Institute for Human Continuity & Sony’s 2012 Movie

If you haven’t seen or heard of it yet keep yours eyes open for an organization calling itself the The Institute for Human Continuity (The IHC), “they” are airing commercials stating the world will come to an end on December 12th 2012 (12, 12, 12,) which is the end of the Mayan Calender.   This Group, The IHC say they were established in 1978 by leading businessman, scientist and countries across the world to help prepare for 2012 and the Post 1212 World.  They say they finally decided to go public this year and run a lottery for people across the world to sign up and  get a space in their bunkers they’ve established all over the world.   You have to give your information and all your families information as well and you can also run for leader of this post 2012 world.

If you haven’t check out the website check it out.  It’s amazing, it has to be one of the best websites I’ve ever seen, it’s very well done.

But here’s the kicker… I did a WhoIs search to find out who owns the domain (aka website)…. and It’s owned by Sony Pictures… So Sony Pictures owns the Institute of Human

It’s kind of funny how they have a film called 2012 that was supposed to come out November of 2009 but they postponed the launch a full year?

This is amazing viral marketing… I don’t know how ethical it is… but my goodness, they taken things to another level!

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