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Turning my Shed into a Green Roof?

Green Roof Garden Shed, Raleigh, NCI’m fortuanate enough right now to basiclly have forest in my backyard.  I have four beautiful huge trees that are about 125 Feet Tall.   I get my fix of fresh air everyday… But what about going one step further and chaning my shed into a green roof?  It’s just a crazy thought, and might have to be done if I ever move to a place where all the homes in the neighbourhood are the exact same… (That day may come, who knows?)

But here is a link that can perhaps inspire someone to do it now?

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Green Roof on Chicago City Hall

It was 2000/ 2001 and the this project caught my eye.  The city of Chicago wanted to put a garden on top of there city hall building.

So the next couple of posts regarding green roofs are dedicated the citizen and public servants that started thinking outside of the box.   It was Mayor Richard M. Daley and the City of Chicago who began construction of a 38,800 square foot (total roof area) semi-extensive greenroof in April 2000. It was completed at the end of 2001 at a cost $2.5 million, funded by a settlement with ComEd.

Here are some Before and After Photos.

Project Name: Chicago City Hall
Year: 2001
Owner: City of Chicago, Dept of Environment
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Building Type: Municipal/Government
Greenroof Type: Semi-Extensive, Test/Research
Greenroof System: Single Source Provider
Roof Size: 20300 sq.ft.
Roof Slope: 1.5%
Access: Accessible, By Appointment
Submitted by: Linda S. Velazquez

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Greenroof System: Roofscapes, Inc.
Roofscapes Contractor: Church Landscape
Landscape Architect: Conservation Design Forum
Architect: McDonough + Partners
Project Engineer: Roy F. Weston, Inc.
General Contractor: Bennett and Brosseau Roofing
Waterproofing: Sarnafil


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