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Brilliant Sustainable Packaging


By: Jurlique's new Biodynamic


One of the greenest ways to do packaging is to incorporate it into the product. lite2go by knoend, San Francisco-based designers who effectively created a functional lighting system while practically eliminating any waste that would ordinarily come with unwrapping or opening the packaging. Open the box, and you have your lampshade, leaving just a cardboard band and some hemp twine for recycling or composting. It even comes with a 7 watt compact fluorescent light bulb.

Steve Haslip’s HangerPak comes from a slightly different point of view; his packaging design turns in to something you can use with what comes inside (as long as that’s a t-shirt). Even if a cardboard hanger has a limited lifetime, it still gets an extra life cycle instead of going straight from package to recycling bin (or, worse, the landfill).

Designer Tom Ballhatchet had his thinking cap on when he came up with his TV Packaging Stand. It's another one that does just what it says: The package your new TV comes in transforms into the stand for it; since most flat-screen TVs are roughly the same shape, just the white corners need model-specific designs, making it a good candidate for easy mass production, from a variety of (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, even) materials.


When it comes to green cardboard packaging, though, most everyone can learn a little something from the Chicago Paper Tube & Can Company, whose EcoPak can directly house beauty products.


Most shoes aren't perfectly square, so why should their packaging be? That's the question answered by this slick package for Newton running shoes, which use molded recycled cardboard -- a material similar to egg cartons -- to create a size-sensible package for a pair of shoes. And, instead of stuffing them with useless paper packing, they put a pair of socks in one shoe, and a reusable shoe bag in the other.

This IT industry has a long way to go… But this is a nice start.


HP came up with a radical new design for the packaging for its Pavilion dv6929; the resulting no-box, messenger bag-centric design cut the packaging back by a whopping 97 percent!

Worst Packing (Not Sustainable) See it HERE


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  1. So right on. When it comes to presentation, we ecologically minded entrepreneurs need to have the same standards as nature itself .. what could be more spectacular?

    Comment by IVA | July 29, 2009 | Reply

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