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The Math behind Setting Sales Targets

This is an example of Setting a Sales Target and thought process that should go with it:

What we know:
1/10 meetings generates a lead (opportunity) (10%)
1/3 opportunities = a sale (33%)
Average sale $5000

– You want $500’000 a year
– $500’000/ $5’000 = 100 Sales Made
– To complete 100 Sales you need 300 Opportunities
– To get 300 Opportunities you need to setup 3000 meetings.

Also do a quick percentage analysis: (How many are)
– Informational Call
– Face to Face Meetings (Sales Forecast %)
– Quote Requests
– Sale

o Set 4/5 Milestones with Sales Forecast % (set reminders in your outlook)
o Have meetings weekly/ biweekly sharing best practices with your crew.
o Kaizen approach (Continued Impovement) Follow-up after each project ends and ask:

 What worked, what didn’t
 What they liked, what they disliked.
 Ask for referral. (People usually don’t ask)
 Leave company information for further engagement & relationship
 And Smile its Contagious =)

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Your the Authority of your Own Potential

An inspiring video of one mans climb to the North Pole!

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