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For Love or for Business? (Polaroid Film)

You may of heard that this year, Polaroid will be selling it’s final stock of instant-photo goodness.

I’ve never had polaroid camera but there seems something nostalgic about them still!

But here is the news, the Polaroid film is already making a coming back?

The Impossible Project is an idea by’s Florian Kaps has recently signed a 10-year le

ase on the original Polaroid factory in the Netherlands, and plans to start producing polaroid film again as soon as the old stuff runs out.

Visit the wesbite and you’ll see more. And with the thousands of fans of Polaroid, I think Kaps could be onto a good thing. But he was quoted as saying that

“The project is more than a business plan; it’s a fight against the idea that everything has to die when it doesn’t create turnover.”.

Props to him!

Don't undertake a project, unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible - Edwin Land, inventor of Instant Photography

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The Vision Statement of the Year!

There’s lots of talk on the internets at the moment about the launch of Amazon’s e-book reader, Kindle 2.

It wasn’t the new design, or improvements from version 1.0 that struck me about this launch. It was Amazon’s CEO and Founder, Jeff Bezos’ expression of the company’s vision:

“Our vision is every book ever printed, in any language, all available in less than 60 seconds.”

Now that’s a vision… to bad it just made all of our visions suck! lol

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Samsung and Solar Powered Electronics? Wow!

This looks interesting. A mobile phone that is A) solar powered, B) touchscreen, C) made from recycled plastics, D) extremely energy efficient and E) non-toxic.

The Blue Earth phone by Samsung has been launched Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. Perhaps it’s a promising sign of greener gadgets from Samsung and other manufacturers.

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Dead Pixel in Google Earth

dead_pixel If you don’t know what google earth does it lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. You can explore rich geographical content, save your toured places, and share with others.

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Do you Blog? (Yes or No)

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The Secret to achieving Goals!

Write them down!

set, review, rewrite, believe = achieve.

Sounds simple?  Try it… (Write 3 things your going to do tomorrow)

  1. Eat a healthy Breakfast
  2. Have lunch with someone I normally don’t eat with
  3. Call your Dad.

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Making Sentances Shorter

I’ve been trying to improve my writing skills, so I’ve been reading some language proficiency manuals.  Everyting I’m learning is the opposite of business which is about getting the message out, simple and quick! (Forget Grammer)

So how could I possibly make this sentence any shorter than it is?

How could I make this sentence any shorter?

Could I make this sentence shorter?

Could I make this shorter?

This is shorter still.

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Entertainment isn’t Advertising! (There is a difference)

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Entrepreneurship Vs Investment

The Difference between Entrepreneurship and Investment. I guess the funny thing is we all want your entrepreneurial ventures to turn a profit so we can have something to invest into.


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Funny Help Wanted Sign

Help wanted

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