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Don’t forget to set the Deadline!

  • deadlinesIf school didn’t start at 9am what time would we turn up?
  • If tax returns didn’t have to be done by a certain date, when would we do it?
  • If childbirth was possible at any age, when would we conceive?
  • If our stomach didn’t have an eating deadline, when would we feed it?

Nature is smart and builds in deadlines for us.We ought understand the nature of deadlines.

You will experience this in a start up; we try to shun the usual behaviour of institutions like schools and corporations. And in many area this is a valid concept.  But as far as deadlines are concerned this is something we should adopt.  We should be strict on deadlines in the same way we had exams, and deadlines at work.   It’s a simple and vital!


July 18, 2009 - Posted by | Business Development, Entrepreneurship |

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