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YouTube & Your Business (Blog)

Connect with YouTube for Brand Advertising

Ever thought about connecting with YouTube for Brand Advertising?  If you haven’t you should seriously consider it.  Check out what Harry Potter has done with You Tube.  I hope this gets you thinking about your business or non-profit.

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Email Options for Small Business & Non-Profits

To read more about Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook and hear why 1.75 million companies are now running their business on Google Apps, check out the Google Enterprise Blog.

1: Scalabilty – Its easy to grow and shirnk to match your demand.

2: Instant – Computing power is there when you needed. You just turn it on or off

3: Save Money – Pay for what you use, and you don’t have to pay for equipment to sit around just in ase you needed it.

Stop worrying about IT and all those servers and get back to focusing more on your business.

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Translating the world’s information with Google Translator Toolkit

It’s amazing some of the things these folks do.  If you need to translate anything use Goole Transalator and teh Translator Kit.

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Best Packaging Ever!

  • Easy opening, but only when it’s ready to go
  • Consume straight from packaging
  • Changes color from green to yellow as it nears its peak use time
  • Quality of each unit verified by packaging
  • Built in ‘used by date’ indicator – packaging changes color – Crazy!
  • Category defining
  • Gives off product fragrance
  • Uber Ergonomic design & handling
  • Ship in packaging with mutlipack nesting design
  • Childproof
  • Protects interio
  • banana1

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Why Speed Wins

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Start-up Costs! (I’ll Pass this time)

There are going to be a good chunk of them… but why not try to get some sales first?  See if you can even generate revenue?

If you haven’t been out knocking on doors selling your products or services to the potential target market, then how is it possible to know if the marketing and business model will work?   Or you can spend $40,000 on an MBA and do a feasabilty study.   (props to those who have both mind sets)

When you start spending… money starts to fly…

  • Partnership agreement
  • Logo design
  • Business name seartch
  • Busienss registration
  • Non disclosure agreement
  • Banking
  • Small business book keeping software
  • insert other business recommendation here

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Putting the consumer in the shoes!

Talk about putting the consumer in the shoes!  What an awsome ad!

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5 Things about Business Bloggers

Here’s five things you probably already know whenit comes to start-up and business blogs:

  1. It is written by a person who escaped a cubicle.
  2. The creator made it so their job is to ‘have an opinion’ — if you want to be successful you should too.
  3. The writer usually owns and runs a business, or soon will…
  4. Helpful because it’s worth doing and general like for sharing. (or its just a tool to make more money)
  5. They spend too much time in the Internet!

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Quite your Job!

You are living someone else’s dream!

I’m sure you didn’t dream of this when you were a kid?

The world is your playground

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Creating Rituals…

Greg Borrowman, the editor of Australian Hi-Fi magazine,

“CDs have no personality; they’re set and forget,” he says. “With vinyl, it’s ritual. You slide the LP out of its sleeve, then deftly remove it from the inner dust jacket, making sure not to touch the playing surface. You place it on the platter with both hands, like an offering. You clean the record’s surface and perhaps the stylus. Only then do you lower the tonearm to be rewarded with the music.”


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