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Interactive Sky Chart (Just Enter Postal Code)

As far back as I can remember I’ve always had a fascination with the night sky.  I think the fascination might even predate my adolescent days when I became a fan the caped crusader and the famous Bat Signal.

A few years ago I decided that I needed something to keep my thinking fresh.   I signed up to study a little Astronomy!  It payed off and I lucked out with an amazing professor as well!  I can’t recall where in France she did her PhD, but she was so proud that she was accepted there and the calibur of her peers.   Anyhow, she ended up being one of my favorite professors of all time.  It could be the fact that she was an extremely intelligent person trying to educate low levels of life forms… and she was really humble about it,  I don’t know?  She just seemed very really, genuine and had this sense of spirituality. (That an interesting quality to have in a scientist, and a rare on I think as well)

Anyways, she tought me a ton but she also gave me this link that creates  a custom naked-eye map of the whole sky from any place on Earth, at any time of day or night, on any date from 1600 to 2400.  It’s a an Interactive Sky Chart that works in most Java-enabled Web browsers, just put in your postal code!

Note: This schematic chart tells where stars and planets are located with respect to your horizons and zenith. For a bigger, more realistic chart for easiest use outdoors, see Sky & Telescope or check out the annual SkyWatch.

See full size image

If the Sky Chart fails to work properly try to reinstall your Java plug-in (  You may also need to activate the Java plug-in manually.


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