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Britannia Mine and Water Treatment Centre

You may see it if you ever get a chance to drive up to Whistler BC.  It’s the Britania Mine! You can check out the official website below.

The site has an interesting history from being the number one producing mine in the world and producing 17% of the worlds copper at one point as well.  About 50 Million tones were extracted.  You can imagine the impact on the region around it.  Its interesting how the mine has always been in foreign ownership, previously owned by New Yorkers, Montanans… and now the treatment plant is operated by an Edmonton Company. The edmonton group gets paid appx. $10’000 a day and it’s operating costs are about $6000 ($4000 profit a day).  It treats 25’000’000 million gallons of water a day, I don’t know if the government is going after the orginal owners for the environmental impact they caused.  So what does that 10 million cover after infrastructure?  Well it has 3 Full Time and 1 Part Time staff.  Oh and they do lots of field trip seminars.   Sometimes privatization is good, sometimes I think what a waste!  Or it could be a smart move let a private company come in and develop the infrastructure make some money… and once the 20 year contract ends, take it over yourself.

Good website for more info:

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49 Megawatts The Video

This is a video made by Brian Smith a kayak-er who lives in Squamish British Columbia.

Its quick 31 min documentary on the run of the river project in the Squamish region, in specific to the Ashlu River (Commonly pronounced Ashley).   It was interesting because of something called “Bill 30” aka the Ashlu Bill was implemented by the Federal Government and took away power from the local level.  The local region had voted collectively against it, but the decision was reversed with Bill 30.

Watch the Video:  Is it really possible to buy a river for $5000?  Is it about Green Power or Private Developers Taking public resources and Governments making a buck on taxes?  The main question should be weather it is bring value to the community, not if it is private or public.

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Ban on Platics Bags… Where’s your City?

IMAGE: Ross Mirkarimi hands out canvas shopping bags

City Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi hands out canvas shopping bags in San Francisco, he sponsored the original version of the ordinance banning plastic grocery bags!

Leading the way San Fransico…

The ban is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.2 millions kilograms annually.  (What that really means I don’t know… but it sounds great)

The ban the use of traditional plastic grocery bags is a big step, but what has this not be implemented by other municipal leaders?  Perhaps you and I are to blame for not putting pressure on our local elected leaders.

Just imagine if all grocery stores and drugstores were not aloud to use non-recyclable and non-biodegradable plastic bags made from petroleum products.

The city legislator who introduced the bill in San Fransisco, Ross Mirkarimi, said that up to 200 million plastic bags are used each year in the city of roughly 740,000 people.

It’s estimated a traditional plastic bag takes 1,000 years to dissolve!

  • By cutting 100 million plastic bags a year the city of San Fransisco will save 1.5 million litres of oil, and eliminate 4.2 million kilograms of carbon dioxide (Jared Blumenfeld, the head of the city’s environment department).
  • Leaf Rapids, Manitoba became the first Canadian community to ban plastic shopping bags

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