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1700+ Boil-Water Advisories in Canada

Figure 5Most people don’t think there is a problem, so this statistic may shock you at first… Especially if your hometown is is in Ontario or British Columbia Canada.  That’s because both of these provinces had the highest boil-water advisories in Canada at this time last year (Current stats below).   When we think of Canada, we think of all the rich natural resources and we don’t obviously see or understand some of the water issues.   I’ve put together some stats from CBC and the Canadian Medical Association in an effort to for all of us to understand current issues with water sustainability and drink-ability.

  • There are 1766 provincial boil-water advisories are currently in effect in communities and neighbourhoods across Canada
  • 93 are in First Nations Communitties
  • In British Columbia, the Ministry of Health documented 530 boil-water advisories as of Mar. 31, 2008
  • Saskatchewan had 126 advisories as of Mar. 31, 2008 (53 were emergency boil-water orders, meaning a threat to human health has been identified, the province had another 73 precautionarydrinking water advisories in place, meaning residents were advised to boil water because of the possibility problems exist with their water
  • British Columbia sees water as a provincial jurisdiction and so does not support federal standards, but would love more federal infrastructure cost-sharing without the application of national standards.

Josee Milville-Dechene, editor of The Water Chronicles (, an independent online media organization that monitors water quality, says “everybody in Canada seems to think we don’t haveissues with water, and we do, and they’re growing.” The site maps boil-water advisories and “Do Not Consume” orders from across Canada daily.

Current Stats in Canada



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