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Open Source Operating System

I’m going to install my first Open Source Operating System on my home computer.   Most people can’t afford to spend the time  associated to “free” products because of the associated “risk” and investment of time.  So often business go with Microsoft because of the reliability of support behind the name.  In my efforts to learn more I’m giving Ubuntu a go…

If you’ve have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.   I hope soon after this I’ll install Android on one of my cell phones.  Android is the new open source operating system for cell phones.  Google helped introduce Android into the market place.

Here we go…

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How to Quickly Lock your Computer

Microsoft Windows:
Press the Windows Button Plus the L key to quickly lock your computer.   Make it a habit to lock your computer the second get out of your chair!   I’m sure you’ve invested in security (Building/ Home Alarm, Firewalls, Anti-Virus etc.) but there is no point if you leave your computer vulnerable.

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