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The Keys to a Good Sales or Venture Capital Pitch

Most Important Thing in any Sales Pitch or Venture Capital Pitch is; YOU! 

10 Topics of the Pitch:

  1. Integrity
  2. Passion
  3. Experience (Beginning to End: Start Something, Creat)
  4. Knowledge
  5. Skills
  6. Leadership (You have it, to motivate, or you have the team to do)
  7. Commitment
  8. Vision (change the
  9. Realism
  10. Coach ability (Not just your money)

 A pitch should be a steady and upward path which is simoltanioulsy being reinforced.  It should getter better and better so the end result is someone signing a cheque.

Logical Progression:

  • What the Market is…
  • The Why…
  • The How…
  • And what your going to do…
  • Also always mention things people can relate too…. Your supposed to be a Expert in your field, so don’t expect them to know everything you do…

The Negatives to Avoid:

  • Things people know that are not true (This prdoct will revolutionize the industry)
  • Anything I don’t understand.  (Speak plain English)
  • Don’t Make them Think…  Be captivating but fill in all the blanks.  Let someone relax and watch the pitch.
  • Internal Consistency… Know your stuff, and have your pitch structured. 
  • Avoid Typos, Errors and Mistakes in all documentiation.  (People can see if you didn’t take the thought and care to do this… They will not care enough to invest in you…

 Power Point Presentations:

  • GOOD: Short, Short bullet points
  • BETTER: Just the Headline
  • BEST: Only Images

Think of Apple’s Keynote Presentations vs. Microsoft Presnetions.  We all love pictures and visuals!


  • Company Logo
    • 30 Second Intro
  • Business Overview
    • 1-2 sentences what you do.
  • Management Team
    • Experience you’ve don this before
  • Market
    • Size of the Market
  • Product
    • What is it: Show me! (canned demo)
  • Business Model
    • Per Unit Bases (Sell X you get Y)
    • Who your selling Too
  • Strategic Relationship
    • Supplier Relationships (Validation)
  • Competition:
    • Exactly who and what your competition is
    • Even if they do it the old way (dinosaurs)
  • Barriers to Entry
    • Why you are special
  • Financial Overview
    • How it works with Business Models
    • What the Drivers are
  • Use of Proceeds
    • Where are you going to spend it.
  • Capital & Valuation
    • Who Invested, How much have you invested.
  • End with your Logo on the screen = Final Pitch 


  • Use a Adobe Ovation
  • Use a remote
  • Hand outs are not your presentation
  • Don’t read your speech
  • Never look at your screen

July 4, 2009 - Posted by | Finance, Power Piont, Venture Capital

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