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Price as your Competative Advantage (No Way!)

You Won’t Survive in the Price Game!

It’s this simple… If you have your price as your competitive advantage you will fail!   Focus on Quality… Look at the simple stats of how many businesses succeed and fail within the first year…   One reason is because your not the only one who’s thought, I’ll just sell it for less…

You need to stop thinking like everyone else… because your not everyone else, your not a statistic… ? Think critically and continue to be unique, it’ll inspire you and more importantly your staff in more ways then just being creative.

This is what is called thinking Outside the Box:

Its a bit of a cliche, but how many times do we really practice what we preach? Rarely.  When you no longer allow the thought of pricing to be your competitive point, you’ve already trained your mind to start thinking differently and being more critical.

You might just start to reevaluate your financing… Or now you might just be forced to actually start speculating the numbers game.  My personal suggestion is whatever number you come up with, times it by two or three.   We all don’t need the same business scars.

Make a strategy and Focus in on it.  Perhaps developing the perfect Management Team, is the key to your success.   You need the right people working, so you can be working on your business and not in it.  This strategy will allow you to focus on innovation and visioning.  This is easier said then done… because we naturally fall into the trap of doing everything ourselves.

Your small, but always remember the competition is just another challenge.  Its not always the one who’s the biggest or the fastest that wins.  You can compete on many levels against the big businesses.

Focus, Vision and a mentality to Just Do It!


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