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Business Scars

Never look at your past experiences as failures.  

Risk and Failture come hand in hand…

it’s really learning to never make the same mistake twice… Failure happens along a journey…  Your going to learn, and you’ll regroup.   These scars are helping you earn that degree from the school of hardnox.

Learning the hardway will give you the character to avoid similar situations and avoid obstacles.

On the oppset end of Failure is simply Reconizing when something just isn’t working!   What I mean is.. if the patient is dead, at some point you should stop operating or trying to revive him or her.     Even though it may also seem like things are good in the shorter, keep looking longterm and it might make things to speach up and say we should shutdown or certain things should be sold off…

This is a risky career move and it takes some courage to say or do this… But your boss, manager, partner etc. will be better for it if this is the case.   It’s like turning yourself  into the failure dungeon at the right time, by being visionary. Divesting yourself from your business or project sometimes just makes financial sense, some may respect you for this or hate you for this.  Just remember ethics and values are sometimes more important then money though…   Whatever your decision in a situation like this, your business scars are those of a pioneers or a trendsetter.

Don’t avoid Failure, accept it gracefully when its in your face.  Sometimes failure will blind side us, this may unfortunately happen at least once in our life time where we truly didn’t see it coming.   We might have 100% of our energy, potential and heart in it…  but in reality this venture was to be stopped a long time ago… if not from the  start.    Walk away with the experience and knowing of what you need to do to be differently:   Needing better people,  fewer people, maybe more? More attention to financing & budgeting, or sales & marketing.   Not prepared enough for growth.  Wrong industry, not loving the work etc. etc.


Take some quality time think through and challenge yourself before you take your Risk.   Times are changing, remember your computer your on right now, was pretty much considered obsolete after the first couple of months.  So all our of Sales Assumptions & Time to Market Assumptions should be challenged and then re-challenged.  This is a day and age, where things are changing at an astounding rate of change.  (Check out the DID You Know? Video on this blog to get a feel for how quick this world is changing… that’s if you need a reality check!)

Failure - Thomas Alva Edison


June 30, 2009 - Posted by | A Thought

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