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1 Minute on the Basics of Negotiation

TON: The Other Negotiator

Bargaining:   Win – Lose   |   Zero Sum   |   Distributive

Negotiation:   Win – Win    |    non-Zero Sum   |  Integrative

BATNA:   Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement

Mutual Adjustment:   Give to Get

Concession:   Trade Off

Intra Group Conflict:  Conflict in a group

Inter Group Conflict:  Conflict among Groups






Trackable / Time


The Summary: Ne, Ni, Tr

Write down all the critical points and  information associated to your negotiation.   Once you’ve done that , simply place the appropriate  letters beside them (Ne, Ni, Tr).   This will help with the strategic analysis of your negotiation.   Having a game plan and doing your homework before going into a negotiation is one of the most important aspects, but many times the number one thing that is over looked.

Ne: Need to Have (Critical to Outcome)

Ni: Nice to Have (A Perk)

Tr: Trade Off  (Not Critical)

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