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The Change in Online Marketing (5 New Essentials)

Your Business your non-profit, should be considering the following things this year…

  • Business Blog – Time will tell, but this might be as essential as having a website.  With the current economic crisis, do what you can to stay ahead.  This is a simple a cost effective tool.
  • ROI with SEO – A Search Engine Optimization consultants won’t just be fixing SEO mistakes and picking keywords anymore. They’ll be delivering a Return on Investment within 3 months by creating relevant content and doing essential link building exercises. A good SEO consultant can go a long way.
  • Marketing Software – Sending out e Newsletters and other Marketing material is essential.  If you don’t have a software like iContact, Vertical Response, Constant Contact etc.   If your not using them it’s like using Pen and Paper to do your accounting.  It’ll get the job done, but there has to be a better way…
  • Merge your Sales & Marketing Teams – These two desks or departments should be side by side working together.  So often they are both on different pages.
  • Social Media – Use it wisely, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Digg, Twitter etc. are the tools you need to capitalize on your business.

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