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The Pros and Con’s of WordPress.COM and other CMS who kill creativity…

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 On One Side: It’s Easy and it’s Free…

You don’t have to register and pay for a Domain Name  and you don’t pay for Web Hosting (it’s free). You simple go to and sign up.  

It’s a huge time savings and you can transfer your blog over to www.WordPress.orgat any time.  This way people and organizations can use their blog as a training ground.

Your part of an online community: (It’s an all access pass to the global conversation). 

It’s Easy! It’s like using Microsoft Word.  It’s a simple CMS (Content Management System).

On the Other Side: It takes away Uniqueness and Creativity

Don’t get me wrong , I love WordPress.  I’m just stating that we can’t rely on any CMS to help us create a true genius or piece art.   Next time your on a blog that’s not powered by the Blogger, WordPress etc. take a second to appreciate the Artists and/or Entrepreneurs who created it. 

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 Here are some sites if your wanting to start exploring:


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